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Filter Exchange

Why would you buy inferior filters?

stainless Steel Filter

AquaForce Exchange customers will receive two FREE sets of Stainless Steel Baffle Filters that will be rotated on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis depending on the degree of grease build-up.

Why use AquaForce Exchange?

Peace of mind.

We have just completed our state of the art filter cleaning plant to ensure you will always have clean, grease free filters as the first line of defense in your kitchen exhaust system.

Only Stainless Steel Filters

AquaForce Exchange is the only filter exchange service to exclusively use stainless steel filters custom manufactured to our rigorous specifications. All other exchange services use aluminum, galvanized steel, or a combination of both. While inexpensive, these filters rapidly corrode under normal use and cleaning and become less effective, and less attractive, over a matter of months.

Why use inferior grade filters in your stainless steel kitchen exhaust system.

We use one style of stainless steel filter ensuring your system will continue to perform and appear as new.

stainless Steel Filter 2

Courteous, Professional Delivery

We're ex-restaurateurs. We know how important it is that your delivery and service providers are reliable, courteous to your staff, and not disrupt your meal service. Our uniformed staff will arrive at the agreed upon time, every time.

Give your Staff and Dishwasher a Break

If you're not using a filter exchange service, you're staff should be cleaning your filters on a weekly basis. This may mean dangerously leaning or climbing over your line to remove and install the filters. It also means you are likely running your filters through your dishwasher. Your dishwasher cannot remove the grease that is trapped inside the baffles of your filters. The grease that it does remove ends up in your grease trap requiring more frequent servicing.

Our Commitment:

We know our way around kitchens, respect your staff, and think we know what chefs and managers want and don't want from a supplier. In order to consistently exceed your expectations we will continue to invest in equipment, training, and most importantly, our staff to ensure they are the best in the industry.

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