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Exhaust System Cleaning

You have invested time and money building your customer base, creating the right ambiance and training your staff. Let AquaForce ensure that a grease fire never affects your business.

Contact AquaForce for the ultimate in commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaning in southern Ontario.

Busy, high-profile restaurants, restaurant chains, grocery stores, commercial kitchens, arenas, convention centres, catering companies and hotels rely on AquaForce for protection from the hazards of grease buildup.

We are fully bonded and insured, and our professionally trained and certified technicians will arrive promptly, work efficiently and respect your staff and facility.

With AquaForce:

How Often Should Kitchen Exhaust Systems be Cleaned?

There are many factors that determine the frequency of kitchen exhaust duct cleaning:

A visual inspection of the exhaust hood, filters and behind the filters will give some guidance.

As a General Rule of Thumb

Kitchen Exhaust Systems are designed to pull smoke, grease vapours and cooking residues out of the kitchen area. The filters can never eliminate all residue from the inside of the ducts and fan surfaces.

UsageHours Per DayClean Frequency

Heavy Usage 12 – 16 Hours 3 Times Per Year
Moderate Usage 6 – 12 Hours 2 Times Per Year
Light Usage 2 – 6 Hours 1 Time Per Year

Over a Short Period of Time, Enough Grease will accumulate to create a very serious fire hazard.
When a Fire takes hold in the exhaust system above the cooking equipment the grease in the ducts acts as a fuse allowing the fire to spread rapidly through the ducts to other parts of the building.

When a duct system is cleaned regularly the chance of a duct fire is dramatically reduced.
AquaForce will provide a comprehensive duct inspection and cleaning service tailored to meet your specific requirements.

You won't have to worry about your next cleaning. AquaForce will work with you to organize a schedule for future cleanings and then take responsibility for managing the follow-up.